• Knowledge bank:

On all social and cultural issues we have worked with, we gathered an extended amount of scientific research, background information, examples of daily practice and journalistic articles. This is actualized and broadened daily. We can help you finding all relevant information, and contact information on any of the topics we work with.

  • Research:

Enabling us to give effective advice and create social interventions, we base our work on qualitative research methods. This can be done on all scales, and in all settings. For this we work with scientists worldwide, and amongst our team are a professor in cultural and organizational anthropology, and several PhD students, specialised in qualitative research methods and cultural diversity.

  • Network / exchange platforms:

One of our assets is our extended network in the field of social issues, and our ability to create new connections. We can use our international network to help you further, resulting in lasting relationships. Frequently we host exchange platforms, live and online. There all relevant partners contribute, based on equality and co-creation. Often the people that are the subject of a policy do not interact with the people creating the policy. This is one of the ways to create this much-needed dialogue.

  • Consultancy / social interventions

Most organizations, firms and governments are part of the field they work in. Meaning it can be difficult to think of possibilities outside of their own scope. We build our experience in consultancy and social interventions on the questions that every society has on living together. Our contribution is not to improve the ideas you have tried of before, but to bring new concepts and possibilities to you, and help bringing them into practice. Our working methods are based on co-creation.