We are a Dutch consultancy firm, with our headoffice in Sao Paulo, Brazil and subsidiary in Amsterdam. We are specialized in cultural integration and social change worldwide. Working in this field over 20 years, our main clients are governments, NGO’s and internationally operating firms. Our main fields of expertise are gender issues, education, elderly care, and homelessness.


Cocreate social change and cultural integration by our expertise and consultancy skills.


Because we can link our international research and network to our capacity to design interventions for a stronger world.


Providing advice and original interventions directed towards social change, connecting people and organizations with our expertise.[/fourcol_one][fourcol_one]

For whom?

We work with ngo’s, national and local governments, health and educational institutions and firms worldwide.

By who?

Martijn van Oorschot and Sabya van Elswijk are the founders of Kent consultancy. They work with partners around the world.